GIT for SVN users: A simple Github workflow with multiple repositories

This is one article in my series on GIT for SVN users. See the introduction.

One of the inherent assumptions in the SVN world is "the" repository. "The" repository is the place from where you check out, from where you update, to where you commit.

GIT for SVN users: An introduction

This is part of a series of posts about GIT for people with an SVN background. If you're an experienced GIT user, my series of "GIT for SVN users" is likely not going to be useful (other GIT articles might be -- you'll have to make that call).

The problem with GIT

After a few months of using GIT, I realized one of my fundamental problems with git:

Commits aren't.

By that I mean that the term "commit" has a connotation in software that is beyond the strict definition. I think it likely comes from relational databases where "commit" connotes some kind of finality or permanence.

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