Simple S3 Backup script

Announcing availability of a simple program to backup the output of commands to Amazon S3 storage.

Introducing docker-xymon

In short: build and deploy this for instant monitoring.

Seeing no viable containerization of the Xymon monitoring system (and the 'net is large -- I could have missed it), I have created some.

Eventually I will be maintaining images on the Docker Hub as well as the source.

For now, get it from

Here's the README...

graphiteutils: input and output for Graphite

A collection of Graphite input tools and a Xymon monitoring script to consume data from Graphite and update Xymon column status based on Graphite data.

BETA(-) status: they are underdocumented and do not have any significant negative testing, but they are currently working in a production environment

svntools: Subversion tools for command line geeks

This is a project home page for my collection of tools to work with Subversion, mostly from the command line, Unix or Cygwin basis.

Status: BETA (-): they are underdocumented and do not have automated test suites. I have used them extensively and have shared them with colleagues.

Bug Reports


This is a quick primer on how to write good bug reports.

Before you write a bug report, make sure you know what you're reporting.

The basic pattern is to describe each of the following:

Raw Code

"Raw Code", Lyrics by Dewey Sasser , with apologies to Dimitri Piomkin

Codin' Codin' Codin'
Keep those bugs from showin'
Got to keep on codin'
Raw Code!
Requirements are hidden
and salesmen keep on biddin
But still we'll ship this product when they say.
Got to keep on givin'
Money, stock and livin'
Are waitin' when I finish this day.


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